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Its almost 7 months I am into blogging. And every time a new view or a new follower comes, its simply overwhelming. Thanks a lot for your support !

In my daily life, I used to be one of those who feels comfortable blending in with the background. But now, out of the blue, I started taking small steps like voicing out my opinion or participating in competition or socializing with people I don’t know much about without any fear what so ever.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed. I had to shake my head again and again to not feel light headed. Its like I am entering a different world. Its just… I have to get used to it!

I am writing my day to day thoughts by getting inspired from Blogtober 2021 Challenge.


Published by clementinejulep

About Me Hello, I am Clementine Julep (an incognito identity), currently studying in a graduate college. I love reading novels and singing songs. Right now, I am compiling all my experiences on my journey of joining a prestigious post graduate college in a book named "Learning How To Live A Quality Life". Each of my experiences is posted in this blog as a chapter. I am also taking help from other bloggers and sharing their experiences and my views on them in my blog. These chapters can be applied by anyone who wants to live their dreams. Some of my old posts were on lists of my favourite novels and three cooking recipes, ‘Banana Bread’, ‘Plain Custard from Ready Made Powder’ (the only two dishes I have made n number of times) and ‘Italian Toast’ (which is very simple to make and is very delicious). If I do get time to cook something else and it turns out delicious, I shall share those recipes too!

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